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Birthdate:Jan 6
Location:Washington, United States of America
I started doing LiveJournal in September of 2004. I woke up one day and realized all I'd done for the last six years is work. Not much else.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. I went through five months of chemotherapy and two months of radiation, finishing up treatment June 2006. I believe I've kicked cancer's ass.

I live in the Pacific Northwest.

I am a handspinner, hand dyer, and knitter. Despite a busy work schedule, I find time to throw some fleece in a crock pot, dye it, comb the wool and spin the rovings. Yeah, spinning and fiber arts are a part of me. I'll never stop...when I'm busy or sick, I just won't get as much done. I also play with weaving, watercolor and photography. Oh...and beads, can't forget beads.

Actually, I'm interested in lots of hobbies and topics, but not a master of much.

I started this journal with an interest in eventually writing stories. To date, I have not officially started any fiction writing projects. I have found keeping this journal an effective tool sifting through and processing events in my life. I also really enjoy reading other journals. The diversity and individuality of each journal entry I read, satisfies a need that has been wanting for some time.

I suspect I'll be here for a while. I welcome new readers. Let me know and I'll add you as well.

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